To our prospective clients and friends from the builder, Marv Thielmann…..


Your needs and requirements are first priority. As your Builder, it is my objective to know your land needs and/or to learn your property.

Your property is your most critical decision.

If you need a building property, please be in touch early and I’m available at no cost to you to help you select the land that will be absolutely the best for you and will be very well received by the marketplace when you sell it later.

The first decisions are most critical and work in decreasing importance thereafter.

Understanding Your Design Objectives, Cost Targets & Time Frames

We will discuss contract terms when you are comfortable to proceed. Ours is generally a cost-plus contract. Our purpose is to work as a team to specifically target the costs together.

Planning & Design

Design is next as we engage the right designer for your project with you and work as a team to produce the plans that you can feel truly inspired with.  This is when we can take the time you need to get comfortable with the cost and designs. You have complete freedom to change and revise. The more time we invest in this process, the better your design and fewer changes later.


The budget is being developed by us during the design process, beginning with the preliminary plans.

The official contract budget will be based on actual quotes until we agree that we are on target. Any changes in cost or specifications will be at your option and will be discussed together in advance for your approval. 

You, the owners, are in complete control of all expenditures!

Site Location

Setting your site location is very important! Acreage sites have numerous options. We love engaging with you early in the design process to maximize the possibilities and set the view angles exactly right. We don’t leave this to the surveyors. This critical process will make or break your full enjoyment of your property. It’s an exciting opportunity!

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical engineering is done once we can excavate or preferably do some testing. The stability of the house will depend on knowing the bearing capacity of the soil.

Construction Has Begun!

We have now engaged our wonderful partners in the process, our dependable and wonderful tradespeople! These people take pride in what they create for you. We all take pride in delivering value as our trades bring their best work and ideas.

You as the owners have approved the budget and the proposed trades and materials which we review together on a monthly basis.

Your home will be built with an excellent foundation being straight and true, the basis for the Framers to follow etc. Start right and finish right is the rule.

Routine Meetings at Each Stage

You are also welcome on site to see progress and to visualize your creation evolving as well as to be in touch with me, the builder, as you have questions or inspiration. 

Framing, Electrical, Mechanical, Ready-For-Drywall

These are key meeting points. We will not proceed until you and I are completely satisfied to go to drywall.

Special insulation features are important for sound-dampening of key rooms at your guidance. Sound-proofing of areas such as media rooms are important and expected.

The finishes will require ongoing inspection and interaction which exceed a regular schedule. We want your participation so we can invent special features together.

Changes are expected and the more you engage with us, the better the outcome. Besides, it’s more fun when sharing the experience.

Site Management

As TimberStone Properties Ltd. is a true custom builder, we manage your home process personally by the builder, Marv Thielmann, or our skilled and experienced associate manager. You will always have direct access to the builder and your home project is always our undiluted priority. 

Developing the Details

We value the input of the interior designer, Brenda Motter. By now you are well engaged with her and have developed an exciting theme for your home.

Brenda is available to help with many finishing details such as custom cabinetry, special rooms such as unique bathroom details, home theatres, bars, gym rooms, children’s closets, play areas, dens, custom laundry areas and certainly spectacular fireplaces.

Your paint schemes, wall finishes, special tiles and flooring selections will be fun to select and even more exciting to see for the first reveal!

A stunning and effective lighting scheme as you present your home spaces or enter each of your finished rooms developed by Brenda and the lighting consultant we engage at no extra cost.  You will know in advance the precise placement and most advanced lighting options which are best for your home spaces. Interior and exterior lighting make the house look amazing!

Home Automation Options

We are concerned to provide you with the most appropriate system for your use and the value of your new home. We offer consultation or cooperate with our clients’ consultants and requirements. These systems such as Creston, Control 4 etc. will be housed in your super-finished mechanical room. Expect the smart features such as remote monitoring and controls. 

Exterior Materials and Colours 

Wow – this is a big one! Who do you lean on to make it great?

The materials will be addressed in design with a colour-board. You may have a theme in mind. We encourage you to look at houses very critically and collect pictures of the ones that really stand out to you and notice those that do not. Then let this builder walk through the finishes, colours and natural materials especially stone and the natural wood. We will walk through this together until you succeed. The goal is that you are very pleased every time you see your new home. It matters to us!


We are prepared to offer an ideal landscaping package fully designed and quoted in advance. Our specialty is outstanding stone features such as patio spaces flagstone surfaces and retaining walls to create perfect outdoor living spaces.

Scheduling of Construction

We will create a construction schedule and share it with you on construction commencement. This schedule is the goal but not the rule. Efficient progress is the rule but as your home is custom and is evolving with you, we will work together to finish on time while never preventing the right work with the right products by the right people. This works for you!

Finish and Possession

Your home will be delivered for your possession with an agreed date we target together for move-in. Our team will clean it beautifully and deliver for walk-through with all of the specific appliances and operational systems ready to enjoy.

After move-in, the TimberStone team stands by to follow up with any services required or coaching for system operations by the specialists who have installed them for us.

Full warranty as per the Travelers Home Warranty guidelines will be delivered by our team. We will arrange a walk through for follow up at a convenient post-possession time of 60-90 days and at the one year marker. We expect you to be pleased and satisfied with your home and our service.

With much thanks, Marv Thielmann