New Home Builds

We are here to join you in the very rewarding process to create the new home you have imagined.

You bring the vision and we will bring the team to enhance that vision and complete something which continues to surprise and reward.


Possibly just some high-quality work to enhance what you already have, or an adventure to envision new and stimulating possibilities. This is your home for the enjoyment of your family and friends.

We understand the opportunity to create new value for the future.

Your renovation will offer some very creative, unforeseen potential. Let us help you discover!

Land Development

TimberStone Properties is not limited to a house build or a renovation. Creativity itself is unlimited and starts with land. We have created special communities and properties while enhancing the land itself! If you are a landowner, please feel free to discuss.

Barns, Horse Facilities & Acreage Shops

These are wonderful projects to enhance your land and property. We enjoy the creation of unique and enjoyable spaces which will delight!

These custom buildings are a true reward of your vision.