The Team starts with you, the owners from whom we take all direction. Think movie producer!

Marv Thielmann – Builder / Coordinator

It is always rewarding and enjoyable to help my clients (friends) create something better than it may have otherwise been. I learn from every project, how to create even better value by engineering custom and creative solutions to enhance homes.

– Marv Thielmann

As the builder, I offer to direct and enhance your vision with you.

  • My purpose is to ‘learn you’, your tastes and your needs. I will take on your vision.
  • You will now benefit my vision and experience gained over 40 years!

Architect / Designer

This talented person will draft what you have envisioned and what our members contribute to solve the design challenges. This process will result in a very gratifying design that will inspire your pride and joy.

Interior Designer

This talent is critical to help you interpret the finishes, design every cabinet and storage space as well as inspirational lighting schemes and amazing features such as a completely unique fireplace, bar, media room and even furniture. When this talent is engaged during design, you will not be caught short-handed when finished.

Talented Trades

TimberStone engages tradespeople who have the expertise and attitudes to deliver their best work for us. Not surprisingly, unique work and great values are achieved by these valued partners in your project. Expect surprises!

Your design will be good at the start but great when it’s done. The evolution of a great house is never finished until it is!

– Marv Thielmann